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In 2018 Lyndon Township entered a 5 year contract with MEC (Midwest Energy and Communications) to provide internet services.   The 5 year term of the contract was designed to provide the opportunity to review the service and pricing options available in the current broadband market place to ensure we are receiving the best possible services and pricing.

As we near the end of our current contract,  the Township Broadband Oversight Committee is undertaking a review of our current contract and requesting information from other qualified providers interested in working with us.  This opportunity will allow us to explore our options to ensure we can continue to have the best possible service at an affordable price.  Any potential benefits from new providers will be weighed against the potential disruption of switching providers, and renewing the contract with MEC is a possible outcome of this activity.

We will continue to post updates here and encourage you to send any questions, concerns or suggestions to:


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