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         Transition Background

In 2018 while constructing its network, Lyndon Township entered a 5-year contract with MEC (Midwest Energy and Communications), an internet service provider (ISP), to provide internet services to residents of the Township. The 5-year term of the contract was designed to provide Township residents with internet service during an initial term and short enough in duration so that the Township could reevaluate the service and options available at the end of the initial term. The current contract with MEC continues through June, 2024, but it also required the parties to determine no later than January 2, 2024 whether the contract would be renewed.  For any service, including internet, the Township’s goal is for residents to receive the best possible service at the lowest reasonable price.

Selecting an ISP involves careful consideration of many factors to ensure reliable and efficient internet connectivity.  Fortunately, we have the benefit of the last five years of experience to inform our decision-making process.  These are three of the most important elements to be considered not in any particular order of significance:

  • Competitive pricing
  • Service reliability
  • Customer service

During its review and consideration, the Lyndon Township Broadband Oversight Committee requested and received a competitive proposal from another ISP, named ACD.NET. The Oversight Committee has been engaged with additional vetting of ACD.NET.  There have been discussions with the company principals to review their service offerings, coverage area, business model and corporate culture. The Oversight Committee conducted in-depth reviews with ACD.NET’s engineering department to understand the technologies they employ, how that will integrate with the Township’s network, its ability to accomplish a successful transition, and its ability to provide ongoing technical support and management.  The Oversight Committee also contacted current ACD.NET customers to determine the level of customer satisfaction and the responsiveness and reliability of support systems.

After careful research and evaluation, the Oversight Committee and Lyndon Township determined that ACD.NET will provide the most benefit to the residents of Lyndon Township.  Contract negotiations are currently underway with ACD.NET focusing on terms that best meet the needs of the Township. The contract will include market-based Service Level Agreements and Key Performance Indicators to govern performance of all aspects, including pricing, services, and support.

We appreciate your patience and will continue to keep you up to date as the transition to ACD.NET moves forward.  Please check the Township website for updates.

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